A Celestial Journey

On a soothing night, decked with stars and the moon, I sat by the window as soft breeze caressed my hair; inhaling the fragrance that emanated from trees and flowers. Staring at the comforting darkness, lost in my own thoughts, I wanted to soothe my blistered heart and wondered if the celestial peace would come to my rescue. Ruminating over my plight, I lulled myself to sleep. 

Like a shooting star, I traversed to the sky – to meet the moon and the stars. Their beauty and magnificence mesmerised me. I hovered around for hours before finally settling there. I wandered aimlessly, hypnotised by their glow. Now, I wanted to settle on one of them to explore it further. Astronauts may have visited them but it was my turn to investigate. 

I chose the moon followed by the nearest star. With joy, I landed but only to be awakened by disbelief. The uneven structure, the pit and the darkness jolted me. I questioned myself, “Is it the same moon that we see from the earth? Why is it so lack lustre?” I travelled further but only to be welcomed by gloom and absolute desolation. The surface of the stars was akin to that of the moon. “No”, I cried in pain, “How could something so beautiful and so soothing have deep dark crevices within!” I continued walking and tumbled after hitting a big rock. I rolled over a few meters and when I got up, I was a new person illuminated with a bright thought.

 Everything that appears beautiful in form, not necessarily holds the same grandeur inside. It’s also true in case of human beings. God gifted us with a beautiful body but inside that body we harbour hatred, jealousy, greed, vengeance, anger, sloth, gluttony, pride and lust and numerous other malicious pits and crevices. The pomp and glamour of the moon and stars lie only at the exterior, which is similar to the artefacts that we use to adorn ourselves – expensive branded garments, accessories, car, bungalow, degrees, etc. One step inward confronts loneliness, wounds, blisters and a charred soul. Thanks to us; they are all self-inflicted.

Unlike the moon and the stars we have the power to cure our ailing souls but we are reluctant to heal the gory pores. Just as we seek comfort by the external form of the planets, we use materialistic remedies to ease the body and the mind. Our inflamed souls are left unattended and degenerate.

I woke up. It was half past one. Half the world had turned a blind eye to their discomfort and misery. I walked into my room, brushed aside my dream and fell off to sleep. The moon and the stars looked down upon the human folly with a scorn!


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