The Children of Desert

Once upon a time, in the far east of India, there lived a small girl called Monu. She was spirited, lively and wanted to explore the world. She had an intense desire to visit different places on earth like, the desert, the seas, the hills and mountains. She wanted to live among these beautiful creations of the Nature and inhale its splendour. All these natural elements had deep meaning to her. She could associate with them.

While growing up Monu befriended Sonu, who lived in the northern part of India. This physical distance could not deter their friendship and it grew by leaps and bounds. Monu could open her heart to Sonu. Once she expressed her wanderlust to him. They spoke for hours about her most cherished desire – to visit the desert.

One would wonder how someone can be drawn so strongly to something as barren and lifeless as desert. But she had her own theory. She could be a part of this vastness. To her it was an antidote to an aching heart. She identified it with the most hospitable host who welcomed all its guests with stretched arms. Its porous surface was capable of absorbing any worry or anxiety. Profound silence that prevailed in the desert was strong enough to calm any racing mind and the tranquillity that flowed was uninterrupted.

While listening to her version of desert, Sonu made up his mind to take her to one of the deserts in the western part of the country. He silently vowed to turn all her dreams into reality. As time passed by, they parted ways. Only their love remained.

Out of this strong flow of emotion, which swayed in their hearts, Sonu planned a trip to desert. His trip was a bliss. He lived through what he had heard from Monu. It appeared, as though, he had Monu for company and in the same way as she would narrate her feelings to him, she guided him through the desert and helped him experience the real beauty of life. He stood there for hours, awed by the magnificent desert. There were no exchange of words but senses were receptive. With the break of dusk, the entire wasteland turned dim. Cool breeze blew and softly caressed his face, reached the inner recess of his heart.

Following the trail of camels he proceeded to walk back. After sometime, he stopped and turned back. He saw two children – Sonu and Monu – holding hands and running in the opposite direction. Their laughter echoed as they ran into the desert and soon vanished into thin air. He smiled and continued walking.


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