Teleorgasm 2

“Hello Authoress!”

“Hey! What an impeccable timing. You just saved me from death by a blabbering agent.”

“Oh! Really. I am glad to be of help.”

“For this timely intervention, I will take you out for dinner.”

“I am flattered madam.”

“Shall I catch you at 6 o’ clock?”


“I will pick you from your place.”

“Bye love! I will be glued to the clock.”

(Laughter) “Bye.” (Sound of kisses)

She arrived sharp at six, outside his bungalow and honked the horn. A uniform clad guard opened the gate, as an elegant long black car lazily grazed in the campus. She stepped out after parking the car in the porch. Door flung open. Her marble white calf decked in black stilettos peeked out. Right leg first followed by left. She stood tall and upright, dressed in a full length, off – shoulder, maroon gown with a slit at the side. Her smoky eyes dimmed the sky. Her hair was tied in a neat bun with a side lock dancing on her right cheek. She waited for him with her back towards the door. He entered without a noise and placed a kiss on the intricately crafted colourful tattoo of a butterfly between her neck and right shoulder. The butterfly represented her vibrant spirit. She turned around flashing a bright smile. He held her hand and kissed it while she sucked in his adoring charm. Wearing a black suit, he looked equally enthralling.

The couple headed for a perfect date. It was their favourite place. He alighted from the driver’s seat and opened the door for his lady love. They walked hand in hand to their reserved table. It was a private place adorned with aromatic candles and flowers. Soft music reverberated in the room. Red wine poured as the glasses clanked in toast:

“To years of togetherness!”

“Hundreds yet to come.”

“I have realised we are still good at surprises.”

(Laughter) “We know each other well to read our minds.”

“I am relinquishing this karmic connection.” (Sips wne)

(Smiles) “May I have the pleasure to dance with you?”

“I will be glad.” (She offers her hand)

They walk towards the dance floor and waltz to the melody of love. The lights are dimmed. He draws her closer and kisses her. Moments of stillness pass as the enchanted couple drew in a long hug.  

Hours passed. He offered to proceed for dinner. An elaborate three course dinner was served. They dug out small portions of the mouth watering food and savouring he said:

“I think, we should prolong this evening.”

“Really? I am extremely happy. It’s a lovely evening!”

“A room upstairs with Jacuzzi is waiting for us. Does that excite you, my love?”

“Oh my God! Interesting. What’s on your mind if I may ask, my love?”

“You know it already, don’t you?”

She laughs. He too joins her. The room echoes with their laughter.

“Can’t wait.”

Clattering of the utensils, chewing of the food, whispering and giggling hung loose in the air as though suspended musical notes on the chords of harmony. Lights turn dimmer as the couple is directed towards the room and the door closes.   



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