She frantically searched for the phone in her bag as it rang intermittently. A smile flashed on her lips as she answered the phone in honey laced voice.

 “Hello dear! How are you?”

“Hey! I am not good. How can I be? I haven’t seen you for a week now.”

“Oh, dear! Are you missing me?”

“Off course I am. It’s been for the first time that you have left me for ten days. I feel I am going crazy without you.”

(Laughs lovingly) “Have patience for another five days and I will be with you darling, holding you tight in my arms.”

“I miss your laugh too and am dying to fall in your arms. How is your work going?”

“I have completed the fourth chapter, approaching the end soon. Hope it turns out to be great.”

“Am sure it’s going to be great.”

“Thanks dear. This would not have been possible without you. You are my strength.”

“Hmmm. And see how you reward me for being your strength? By leaving me on my own for ten long days. It seems I lack oxygen.”

“Stop exaggerating my absence.” (Laughs again)

“Hey, listen, tell me, do you miss me?”

“Hmmm. Lemme think.”

“What? You want to think. Are you really thinking about it?”

(Laughs again) “Yeah. Actually, I just realised, I missed you too much already that I am wearing the shirt you gifted me on our anniversary.”

“Really? (Thrilled voice) The white shirt. If I am not wrong you paired it with the blue jeans.”

“Ten on ten, my love.”

“You must be looking ravishing. The guys there must be drooling over you.”

“I bet they are.”

“Oh, I am only one who is deprived of your charm and all the freaks get to enjoy watching you.”

“I smell it, right there. My jealous lover.”

(Blushes) “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Give me a kiss sweetheart.”

“Why only one? Several kisses for you baby.” (Sound of kisses)

 “You made my day. Have you unbuttoned your shirt?”

“Yeah, the first two buttons.”

“Hmmmmm. You make my hormones race.”


“Let me help you unbutton the others. You must be tired after a long day and after all those men ogling over you.”

“There you go. Absolutely correct. You know me in and out.”

“Allow me madam. One button goes after the other. I can see your marble white bosom peeking at me through lacy black lingerie.”

“Are they saying something to you?”

“They are beckoning me.”

“Really? What are you waiting for? Devour me.”

“Can you feel my lips moving on your body as I place a peck on your navel?”

“You tickle me, stop.”

“I am too involved to stop, madam. You are all encompassing.”

“Hope you will arrange my favourite dinner in my preferred candle light setting when I return home.”

 “Anything for you dear. I am eagerly waiting for you to come home.”

“You are a sweetheart!”

“I am menacingly hungry. Let me eat you.”

“Oh! You are making me lose control.”

 “Unbridle your passion.”

“Shall I get in? I am hard as steel.”

“Kiss me, go on.”

“I am right there.”

“Hmmm. Be gentle.”

“I can never hurt you, not even in dreams.”

“Ah! It’s refreshing.”

“I am calm, too.”

“How are you placed tomorrow?”

“Got to meet a consultant.”

“Hmm. Good luck for the meet. Come back soon.”

“Good night.”

“Good night, love.”


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