O Heart!

Female and man's hands with red hearts

I fumbled for words as my mind raced back and forth. Not knowing from where to begin, I faltered, as he stood gazing at me with inconsistent smile. He asked again, ‘Will you be mine?’ I hesitated, although a thousand voices screamed to affirmation. I halted. 

Can question and its answer form bonds and emotional relations? Are our lives slave to answers? Is our existence intertwined with words? I waited and contemplated but said nothing. He too, waited patiently and impatiently for an answer – for affirmation of love to build a socially acceptable relationship. ‘Couldn’t he read my eyes? Doesn’t he know about my feelings? We have spent days and nights together, nurturing the love that bloomed, but now he wants an answer?’ I thought. What form of love is it? Social love! It needs validation and reassurance. 

My heart grew silent, eyes turned dim and the thousand voices died. He left, without an answer, leaving behind the love that he brought forth to life. My inner being collapsed, defeated again by the worldly ways of acceptance and recognition. ‘There is no love,’ I recalled as I breathed the last breath of love.



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