Another year came to an end as he continued with his struggle.  He survived it with a smile and tears, joy and sadness, victory and failure. There was a perpetual knocking of broken ties, new relationships, restored faith and lost hopes. He heaved a sigh of relief as he subtracted 365 days of agony from his life. He knew a lot stood in front of him. He was suffocating and suffering from his own mistakes. One wrong decision and his entire life lay hay wired. Purposeless! Meaningless! Painful! He had been covering up for his mistakes from last four years. Every year was more overbearing than the last one. He wanted it to end now.

“It was a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes. You were bold enough to take the step and have faced the consequences”, his heart said to him one night. He knew it was right. He stopped his brain from reasoning. He wanted no manipulation and no social conditioning to rule his life. Once again, he prepared himself to take his own decision and follow his heart. At least his heart always stood by him. It was his heart that strengthened him to bear his prolonged suffering. He trusted his heart.

Having made up his mind, he went out with an axe, ruminating over his past. He hardened as four years rolled in front of his eyes. “I am going to end my misery”, he vowed as he struck the heart shaped wooden structure at the top. The wooden heart was a constant reminder of the agonizing mistake. The force which he applied outside played with equivalent intensity within him. He was jostled. It was akin to removing the hard shell of his own heart – a self constructed shell, hard enough to suffocate the heart. His heart now was gasping for breath, its body rotten releasing pungent smell. Another blow! One after the other, he kept on hitting at the wooden heart till it cracked and opened like a shell in two halves. Years of prolonged agony were breaking apart.

Final blow outside was also the last one within. He saved his kind, passionate and loving heart from dying. Resurrection illuminated him. He had learnt his lesson. Now it was time to live, to walk on a new path, find new adventure and not be shackled by his thoughts. With the New Year dawned a new beginning. 


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