One of the good things about ephemeral life has been a shelf full of intangible yet concrete memories. These memories lay hidden under the pile of mundane daily chores and on the opportune moment pop up out of nowhere and take us back in time. One follows the other and the cycle continues.

There can be nothing more memorable and enjoyable than befriending a non-human. Some love pets and few like me are drawn towards other creation of nature. When I say non-human, I mean an animate but an immobile creation of nature. You guessed it right. It was a tree. As a child, I became friends with a tree because of its patience and keenness to listen, non-judgemental, forgiving, ever-loving and all consuming attitude. It was a slender and lone tree standing at the far end of the school playground. Far from the maddening crowd, it offered solace and comforted me in the darkest hour. I could open up my heart to it without the fear of being criticised or reasoned. I remember spending hours embracing it, sharing my schedule, expressing happiness, venting and even weeping. Lack of a reasoning brain accepted me with open arms, took me in its bower and gave me enough time to ponder over the happenings, form opinions and take decisions. Joy of this unequal companionship came from reciprocation which invigorated me to hold the bull by its horn.      

Time passed by and I relocated to a different city, leaving behind my best friend. Essence of this special relationship continued to add fragrance to my life. In seven years it nurtured me into a mature, analytical and responsible individual. 



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