One evening, I was walking by the road side. At a distance I saw a long white car approaching behind me. In my heart I knew, it was him. The car was moving at a great speed. To reconfirm, I strained my eyes to look at the driver. It was him, sitting behind the steering wheel wearing a white shirt.

The car slowed down and the lights went out. He too had spotted me. He looked at me and smiled faintly. I reciprocated, as a bright light of hope lit up inside me. I stood hoping for him to stop. The car approached nearer. My body language changed as I prepared to step into the car.

It approached me. He had put on the lights. Our eyes locked for a few seconds and the car whizzed past me. I stared blankly behind it. Soon it disappeared.

I continued walking. Moving by the lush green field, I tried to distract my mind. I started humming. Rustling air made the song melodious. My heart creaked and his image appeared. I felt desolate and grieved for him.

I started running frantically in the direction of the car. Not knowing when to stop, I took a wrong turn. Moving further, I tripped and fell over a highland. My body kept rolling for long, hitting against trees and boulders till my mind flashed out its last few images. It showed me his smiling face for one last time and switched off for ever.     


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