If only I knew, what lies within

I could have stayed.

Closer we came, further I went.

My heart broken again

Our feelings were strong, emotions pure

Then why this transition?

My bleeding heart whipped and laced

Has no tear to shed

Cries in pain

You robbed me of my mirth

As you questioned my love

In validating and proving

I lost myself!

While you drew pleasure

Contented your desire

Like a fragile dream

My wishes shattered

My love quivered and died

There’s nothing left for you

I wish,

We had not come closer

O! My poor heart

Weep not for men

Those know not love

Are far away from feelings

They are not for you.


1 Comment

  1. They say that one should be in love with oneself to be able to really love another individual. But sometimes, while chasing the idea of love we tend to overlook the defining lines of individuality we had created for ourselves. Compromising into confusion. I say we should unclutter and claim our stakes. Coz in the end, “we accept the love we think we deserve.”

    Another one of your bomb writings ma’am. More power to you!

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