As you embraced me

I experienced bliss

Emotions catapulted and somersaulted

But the pleasure was short lived

My eyes quivered, tears rolled

I awoke!

How my desires ached

I longed for that dream

Tried to fall asleep, again

To see you, once more

All in vain!

It shot through my heart

Left a deep, dark black hole

Burned passion, unsatisfied want

Brought back all.

Memories pleasurable and painful

Both made our relationship

Our love fizzled with time

Left only a scar of longing!



  1. “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” A heartbreak is inevitable in a lifetime, but what really hits hard is the waking up to reality. Letting go of the delusion. The experience is always worthwhile. It’s a beautifully written piece. Makes one experience the agitation of an unfulfilled heart.


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