Dum Laga Ke Haisha under scanner

When east meets west, when a thin boy marries a fat girl, when an educated bride is betrothed to an illiterate man, what happens next is evident from Dum Laga Ke Haisha. Simple setting of the movie touches upon very subtle elements prevalent in the society.

The story uncovers two important requirements of Indian middle class families – first from the perspective of the family, an educated bride who can earn and cook at the same time; second, the groom’s perspective, it is necessary for the bride to have physical appeal. This is also a prerequisite of the family.

Conflict in the family arises because the demand of the family is partially fulfilled but that of the groom is shattered. Microscopic examination of the protagonist reveals a heightened sense of male – ego. Pain arises from two reasons – a wife more educated than him and overweight, whereas his friends had pretty faces as their better halves. Man’s ego is further hurt because the girl gets more respect in the family. Amidst this ravaging madness which gnaws at his heart, he insults his wife in public.

Another element worth noting in the movie is the contribution of marriage to the pool of misery of the bride. Constant ridicule by the in-laws for not bringing dowry, non-acceptance of the new member in the family, humiliation for being over-weight and educated. To add to this, the girl is chastised for leaving her husband by her parents and brother.

Flow of events, give rise to a strong yet emotional girl, who confesses her love for her husband. However, she is not blinded by love. Her self-respect is intact and she stands up against her relatives including her parents to protect her dignity.

Amidst all this chaos, the movie ends on a positive note where there is complete acceptance of both the parties. Love triumphs over unhappiness through the mouth of the bride when she voices her desire to be with her partner. When the race gets over he takes her back all the way to his house where they seal their love with a kiss and witness their love blossoming for the first time.   


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