The Element called Love in Love Marriages

“Love is the greatest refreshment in life,” said Pablo Picasso. Yes, it the refreshment of life and in the context of NxGn it is refreshment in real sense of the term. The connotation of love has metamorphosed over a period of time. Contemporary trend finds it fashionable to fall in and out of love. And it is easier to move on and part with emotions and feelings associated with the previous partner. The practice is to have multiple partners. Thanks to social media, it is easier and inexpensive. There is no need to keep sending gifts to everyone. A change of college or job infuses youngsters with a passion to pursue fresh love. It is aptly said, “I love you till I find someone better…”

Despite this there are couples who want to get married and settle down. Lucky ones! Most of them are successful in leading a happy satisfying life but what about the rest? They run short of this refreshing element that once brought them together and look for something more interesting outside marriage. They seek extravagant solace in extra-marital affairs, especially when both the parties have superfluous pretensions, or part ways whichever is convenient. The advantage of this short term relationship, although valid on paper, is that the victim if there is any, is saved from life-long agony of choosing a misfitting partner.

There are also instances of love cum arrange marriages when one of the spouses realize their mistake in identifying the intriguing human being in their partners. Although it is an astronomical task and next to impossible to analyze and understand the complex human minds but mostly we can comprehend the traits and get an overview of the person’s characteristic traits. Where such spouses coexist love is the first thing to vanish. It will be appropriate to say when the veil of love falls it rips the heart apart. It has left people wonder struck to find their spouses exhibiting contradictory traits before and after marriage. Some who had high emotional quotient and strong romantic inclination sharply turned out to be money minded and self centered. There is a massive shift from being cooperative to abusive, from friend to competitor, and make use of every opportunity to decry his wife and stand by his parents. What could be the reason of such a transition? Is it the institution of marriage that legalizes the right of husband over wife as a property and entrust them to make full use of their money, position and still mistreat them? Through all this love has been burned and charred almost every day until the other party collapses. However, it is interesting to note that population of India is constantly rising.

As a child I was fascinated by the concept of love marriages and was one of the ardent proponents of love marriage among my peers. But it hurts to understand what have we made of love, lowered it down from being a divine feeling to a rudimentary faux pass.


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